Sensor SummaryThe Ocean and Land Colour Instrument (OLCI) is the successor to ENVISAT's Medium Resolution Imaging Spectrometer (MERIS) having additional spectral channels, different camera arrangements and simplified on-board processing. The OLCI is a push-broom instrument with five camera modules sharing the field of view. The field of view of the five cameras is arranged in a fan-shaped configuration in the vertical plane, perpendicular to the platform velocity. Each camera has an individual field of view of 14.2° and a 0.6° overlap with its neighbors. The whole field of view is shifted across track by 12.6° away from the sun to minimize the impact of sun glint. OLCI is equipped with on-board calibration hardware based on sun diffusers. There are three sun diffusers - two "white" diffusers dedicated to radiometric calibration and one dedicated to spectral calibration, with spectral reflectance features. The native resolution is approximately 300m, referred to as Full Resolution (FR). A Reduced Resolution (RR) processing mode provides Level-1B data at sampling rates decreased by a factor of four in both spatial dimensions resulting to resolution of approximately 1.2 km.
Data Record PeriodOur set of data records covers the entire routine operations period from 2016-05-15 to PRESENT.
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NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Ocean Ecology Laboratory, Ocean Biology Processing Group. Ocean and Land Colour Imager (OLCI) {Dataset Name} Data; NASA OB.DAAC, Greenbelt, MD, USA. doi: {DOI}.
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