MODIS Calibration Review Panel

  • Panel Final Report
  • Presentations made to the Panel
    • Ocean Color Characterization Status for the MODerate resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) (Evans) PDF (3.1MB) Powerpoint (16MB)

    • MODIS Solar Diffuser (SD) Earth Shine Analysis (Wolfe) PDF (1.7MB) Powerpoint (3.6MB)

    • MODIS ocean color atmospheric correction, BRDF, Polarization, and in-band or total-band calculations (Voss) PDF (3.7MB)

    • Modeling MODIS Modeling MODIS performance/radiometric ray performance/radiometric ray tracing tracing (Walushka) PDF (1.8MB)

    • MODIS Calibration and Characterization for the Reflective Solar Bands (RSB) (Xiong) PDF (1.2MB)

    • SeaWiFS Calibration and Validation: Strategy and Results (McClain) PDF (1.5MB) Powerpoint (3.4MB)

    • The Marine Optical BuoY (MOBY): the Primary Vicarious Calibration Reference Standard for Climate Quality Ocean Color Time Series (Brown) PDF (3.2MB)