Third SIMBIOS Science Team Meeting

Sensor Intercomparison and Merger for Biological and Interdisciplinary Oceanic Studies

Monday, 9/13/99

7:00 - 8:30 Breakfast
10:00 BREAK
International Ocean Color Missions (10 minutes each)
  • 10: 15 SeaWiFS - mission overview: C. McClain
  • 10:25 GLI - mission overview: H. Fukushima
  • 10:35 MODIS - mission overview: W. Esaias
  • 10:45 MOS - mission overview: G. Zimmerman / A. Neumann
  • 10:55 OCI - mission overview: H. Li
  • 11:05 POLDER - mission overview: P. Deschamps
  • 11:15 European initiative for global information on marine resources: N. Hoepffner
SIMBIOS Project Status Reports
12:30 LUNCH (*served at the hotel)
SIMBIOS Science Team Status Reports
The Science Team can be grouped under three working areas: 1) Data Merger Studies, 2) Ocean Bio-optical and Sensor Characterization Studies, and 3) Atmospheric Correction Studies. All talks are 10 minutes.
3:30 BREAK
  • Bio-optics continued
    • "OCI Data Product Validation on the Adjacent Waters to Taiwan": H. Li
    • "Validation of Bio-Optical Properties in Coastal Waters: A Joint NASA - Navy Project": R. Miller
    • "Bio-Optical Measurement and Modeling of the California Current and Polar Oceans": G. Mitchell
    • "SIMBIOS Normalized Water Leaving Radiance Calibration and Validation: Sensor Response, Atmospheric Corrections, Stray Light and Sun Glint": J. Mueller
    • "Validation of Carbon Flux & Related Products for SIMBIOS at the CARIACO Continental Margin Time Series": F. Muller-Karger
    • "The Bermuda Bio-Optics Program (BBOP)": D. Siegel
    • "SIMBIOS Data Product and Algorithm Validation with Emphasis on the Biogeochemical and Inherent Optical Properties": R. Zaneveld
    • "Validation of Ocean Color Satellite Data Products and Bio-Optical Measurements in the sub-Arctic and equatorial North Pacific": S. Saitoh, I. Asanuma
7: 00-9:00 POSTERS (board measurements are 48" wide by 36" high).
  • Space available at the hotel. Set-up throughout the day

Tuesday, 9/14/99

SIMBIOS Project: Calibration and Validation Activities
7:30 Breakfast
  • 8:30 SeaWiFS calibration strategies: C. McClain
  • 8:50 SeaWiFS solar & lunar data analysis: R. Barnes
  • 9:00 MOBY Vicarious calibration
  • 9:30 Atmospheric match-up comparisons: M. Wang
10:00 BREAK
  • 10:15 Bio-optical match-up comparisons (15 minutes each):
    • SeaWiFS: S. Bailey
    • OCTS: A. Isaacman
  • 10:45 POLDER evaluation status: A. Isaacman
  • 11:00 International Ocean Color Missions: Calibration and Validation Activities (15 minutes each):
    • IOCCG working groups: V. Stuart
    • GLI - Calibration and Validation Plans: H. Fukushima / I. Asanuma
    • POLDER � Calibration and Validation Plans: J. Nicolas / P. Deschamps
    • Open � OCI: H. Li
    • Open � MERIS: TBD
12:15 LUNCH (*served at the hotel)
Focus Sessions
1:00-2:30 Data merging and validation: W. Gregg
2:30-4:00 Bio-optics: J. Mueller
  • Correction of perturbation effects in-water optical profiles from CoAST data sets:G. Zibordi, J. Dole and J. Berthon
  • SIMBIOS Protocols: recommended correction, standardization and protocols update
  • AC9 protocol/ data issues: Zaneveld, Mitchell and R. Miller
  • Mooring data consistency tests: J. O'Reilly
  • SIMBIOS HPLC/FL pigment round robins- fall 99/spring 2000: P. Glibert and L. Van Heukelem
4:00 Break
4:15-5:30 Bio-optics continued: J. Mueller
  • SeaBASS data/metadata issues (format units, software version, instrument model, etc.)
  • Bio-Optical Algorithms: J. O'Reilly
  • Revised K(490) algorithm: J. Mueller
  • SeaWiFS Chl-a retrievals in Chesapeake.Bay: L. Harding
  • Others: TBD
7: 00-8:00 POSTERS (board measurements are 48" wide by 36" high).
  • Space available at the hotel. Set-up throughout the day

Wednesday, 9/15/99

7:30 Breakfast
Focus Sessions
8:30-10:30 Atmospheric corrections: J. Porter
  • Algorithms
  • Absorbing aerosol detection: C. Hsu
  • Low La corrections: M. Wang
  • Sun glint corrections: M. Wang
  • NIR reflectance corrections: D. Siegel / S. Maritorena
  • NIR reflectance corrections: R. Stumpf
  • Protocols/data processing for sun photometers (CIMEL, SIMBAD, Microtops, PREDE): C. Pietras, M. Miller and R. Frouin
10:30-10:50 CZCS reprocessing: D. Antoine
10:50-12:00 SeaWiFS reprocessing: C. McClain
12:00 LUNCH
1:30 Focus session reports & discussion (Key issues, recommendations by Chairs)
3:00 Break
3:15 SIMBIOS Team activities in FY 2000: G. Fargion
3:30 Closing plenary
4:00 Adjourn