SeaHARRE-5 Workshop

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The SeaHARRE-5 Workshop was held at the CSIRO facilities in Canberra, Australia from 13-15 April 2010.

Twelve international laboratories specializing in the determination of marine pigment concentrations using high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) were intercompared using in situ samples and a mixed pigment sample derived from laboratory cultures as part of the fifth SeaWiFS HPLC Analysis Round-Robin Experiment (SeaHARRE-5). The sampling for the SeaHARRE-5 activity was organized and executed as a strictly coastal activity and the field samples were collected from primarily eutrophic waters within the coastal zones of the United States (New England) and Australia (Tasmania). The method intercomparisons were used for the following objectives: a) estimate the uncertainties in quantitating individual pigments and higher-order variables formed from sums and ratios; b) confirm if the chlorophyll-a accuracy requirements for ocean color validation activities (approximately 25%, although 15% would allow for algorithm refinement) can be met in coastal waters; c) establish the reduction in uncertainties as a result of applying QA procedures; d) show the importance of establishing a properly defined referencing system in the computation of uncertainties; e) quantify the analytical benefits of performance metrics; and f) demonstrate the utility of a laboratory mix in understanding method performance. In addition, the remote sensing requirements for the in situ determination of total chlorophyll a were investigated to determine whether or not the average uncertainty for this measurement is being satisfied.

SeaHARRE-5 Workshop Summary