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GEO_main_func.h File Reference
#include <PGS_PC.h>
#include "GEO_parameters.h"
#include "smfio.h"
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PGSt_SMF_status GEO_in_maneuver (PGSt_double tai1993)
PGSt_SMF_status GEO_read_param_file (GEO_param_struct *const param)
PGSt_SMF_status GEO_locate_one_granule (char[], char[], GEO_param_struct const *, int const)

Function Documentation

◆ GEO_in_maneuver()

PGSt_SMF_status GEO_in_maneuver ( PGSt_double  tai1993)


!Description: GEO_in_maneuver checks to determine whether the spacecraft was in a listed maneuver at the specified time.

!Input Parameters: tai1993 Specified time, in TAI seconds since 1993-01-01T00:00:00

!Output Parameters: None

Return Values: MODIS_E_GEO A subroutine failed MODIS_E_BAD_INPUT_ARG The maneuver list is incorrectly formatted. MODIS_N_GEO_MANEUVER If the spacecraft was in a listed maneuver PGS_S_SUCCESS Otherwise.


Called by: GEO_write_scan_metadata "GEO_output.h"

Routines Called: modsmf "smfio.h" PGS_PC_GetConfigData "PGS_PC.h" PGS_TD_UTCtoTAI "PGS_TD.h"

!Revision History:


Revision 6.3 2010/12/16 22:34:46 kuyper Corrected parsing of maneuver list configuration parameter.

Revision 6.2 2010/06/24 19:53:25 kuyper Corrected to treat a PGSPC_W_NO_CONFIG_FOR_ID return from PGS_PC_GetConfigData() as a successful return that requires no handling.

Revision 6.1 2010/05/26 18:32:26 kuyper Changed MANEUVER_LUN from a PCF file reference to a PCF configuration parameter. Changed to read the start and stop times of the maneuvers from that parameter rather than from that file.

James Kuyper Jr. James.nosp@m..R.K.nosp@m.uyper.nosp@m.@NAS.nosp@m.A.gov

Revision 5.8 2006/12/26 22:29:44 kuyper Corrected to check against last maneuver in list.

Revision 5.7 2005/01/07 21:51:29 vlin LogStatus message corrected.

Revision 5.6 2004/11/17 20:50:14 kuyper Corrected handling of maneuver times that are too far in future for the leapsec.dat file.

Revision 5.5 2004/11/15 20:42:11 kuyper Added check for null pointer arguments.

Revision 5.4 2004/11/05 02:13:29 kuyper Corrected to initialize retval.

Revision 5.3 2004/11/05 00:49:59 kuyper Corrected range of MANEUVER_TAG comparison.

Revision 5.2 2004/10/27 21:59:55 kuyper Corrected to list maneuver_list as an output of GEO_read_maneuver_file. Added validity checks on null pointer parameters. Corrected use of maneuver length. Corrected to list maneuver_list as an input/output parameter of GEO_in_maneuver.

Revision 5.1 2004/10/15 21:38:54 kuyper Initial revision.


James Kuyper Jr. kuype.nosp@m.r@sa.nosp@m.icmod.nosp@m.is.c.nosp@m.om

Requirements: N/A

!Team-unique Header: This software is developed by the MODIS Science Data Support Team for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Goddard Space Flight Center, under contract NAS5-32373.

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Design Notes !END

Definition at line 7 of file GEO_maneuver.c.

◆ GEO_locate_one_granule()

PGSt_SMF_status GEO_locate_one_granule ( char  [],
char  [],
GEO_param_struct const ,
int const   

◆ GEO_read_param_file()

PGSt_SMF_status GEO_read_param_file ( GEO_param_struct *const  param)

Definition at line 249 of file GEO_read_param_file.c.