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GEO_validation.h File Reference
#include "GEO_parameters.h"
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#define BAD_DATA   1
#define GOOD_DATA   0


int GEO_abs_limit_check (double data_samples[], int const number_of_samples, double data_limits[], int sample_flags[])
int GEO_del_limit_check (double data_samples[], int const number_of_samples, double const delta_limit, int sample_flags[])
int GEO_find_next_flag (int sample_flags[], int const number_of_samples, int const start_sample)
PGSt_SMF_status GEO_validate_derived_products (int const sample_number, int const num_detectors, double const range_scale, double frame_to_sensor[][MAX_FRAMES][3], uint8 frame_flags[][MAX_FRAMES])
PGSt_SMF_status GEO_validate_earth_location (int const mirr_impulse_flag, double terrain_sample_position[][MAX_PADDED][3], int const frame_number, int const num_detectors, unsigned char sample_flags[][MAX_PADDED])

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#define BAD_DATA   1

Definition at line 81 of file GEO_validation.h.


#define GOOD_DATA   0

Definition at line 82 of file GEO_validation.h.

Function Documentation

◆ GEO_abs_limit_check()

int GEO_abs_limit_check ( double  data_samples[],
int const  number_of_samples,
double  data_limits[],
int  sample_flags[] 

◆ GEO_del_limit_check()

int GEO_del_limit_check ( double  data_samples[],
int const  number_of_samples,
double const  delta_limit,
int  sample_flags[] 

Definition at line 7 of file GEO_del_limit_check.c.

◆ GEO_find_next_flag()

int GEO_find_next_flag ( int  sample_flags[],
int const  number_of_samples,
int const  start_sample 


sample_flags[]array of flags for data samples
number_of_samplesarray size
start_samplestart index for search
index of next unflagged value or GEO_FAIL

Definition at line 6 of file GEO_find_next_flag.c.

◆ GEO_validate_derived_products()

PGSt_SMF_status GEO_validate_derived_products ( int const  sample_number,
int const  num_detectors,
double const  range_scale,
double  frame_to_sensor[][MAX_FRAMES][3],
uint8  frame_flags[][MAX_FRAMES] 

Definition at line 7 of file GEO_validate_derived_products.c.

◆ GEO_validate_earth_location()

PGSt_SMF_status GEO_validate_earth_location ( int const  mirr_impulse_flag,
double  terrain_sample_position[][MAX_PADDED][3],
int const  frame_number,
int const  num_detectors,
unsigned char  sample_flags[][MAX_PADDED] 

Definition at line 7 of file GEO_validate_earth_location.c.